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Bob Legters, Chief Product Officer,
FIS Payments Division

For the past two decades, Bob has focused on products and services support for clients. He has spent 17 of those years in a leadership role with groups ranging from 5 to 200 employees. Bob’s unique experience allows him to efficiently operate at a level that exceeds the normal executive role of understanding and recognizing client and consumer needs in the payments space.
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Trevor Mast,
Senior Vice President Financial Services Products

Trevor’s expertise in product management, sales and client service; as well as team leadership; sets him apart from his peers and allows him to provide executive-level guidance to his teams and with his colleagues. At FIS, Trevor provides executive oversight of the credit, debit, ATM, software, and fraud prevention product portfolio.
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Brian O’Neill, Chief Client Officer

Brian’s extensive experience in sales, marketing, operations and client relations make him uniquely adept to face the challenges that face today’s financial industry. In addition to his other roles, Brian has played key executive leadership roles in healthcare and in the consumer packaged goods space, helping him to gain a broad business perspective.
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Bruce Lowthers,
Chief Executive Officer

Beginning his career as a certified public account, Bruce now serves as the Executive Vice President of FIS, the world’s No. 1 financial technology provider, and as the CEO of the FIS Payments division. His division is responsible for $2.6 billion in revenues and encompasses financial services, emerging commerce and retail services.
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Jim Johnson,
Chief Operating Officer

Jim is a results-driven executive with 18 years of experience at FIS successfully leading businesses and serving his clients’ needs in the financial, retail, government and insurance sectors. He oversees the day-to-day operations and provides strategic direction to ensure the continued success of the $2.6 billion division across numerous markets and platforms.
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Serena Smith, Chief Administrative Officer and Head of International Payments,
FIS Payments Division

Serena is a skilled relationship-builder with a proven track record of creating “moments of excellence.” While previously serving as Chief Client Officer, she drove FIS’ clients’ loyalty survey scores to the highest point in company history. With more than two decades of experience in the financial industry, she serves more than 50,000 clients and specializes in customer acquisition, retention and profitability.
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Bastian Knoppers, Senior Vice President,
Card Production FIS Payments Division

Since the founding of Cardpro Services Inc, Bastian has served as a leader in the card production business for over 20 years. Acquired by Metavante and, subsequently, FIS, Bastian has remained business leader of the CardPro™ division. Serving over 5,000 clients, FIS is a top three U.S. EMV chip card personalization provider.
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Maria Schuld,
Group Executive – Financial Services Group

With over 20 years of experience in the financial and payments industry, Maria is the Group Executive for debit, credit, fraud operations and business management. Previously, she was a senior management team member for Metavante before its 2009 acquisition by FIS. Other areas of expertise include implementation management, account management, and professional services management.
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Dan Brames,
Group Executive – FIS Payments Division

Dan brings over 20 years of financial and payments industry experience to FIS through senior marketing and management roles. Most recently, he was a management team member at Valutec which was acquired by Metavante in 2007 and FIS in 2009.
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Esther Pigg, Senior Vice President,
Product Strategy FIS Payments Division

Esther leads the Product Strategy team for the FIS Payments division that spans debit, prepaid, credit card, merchant, network and loyalty programs. With extensive experience across the banking and payments technology industry, Esther focuses her team on developing long term product strategy for U.S. and global retail payment products to effectively engage the markets FIS serves.
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Kris Carrera,
Senior Vice President of Product – Financial Services

With over 25 years of international payments experience, Kris was responsible for the launch of the first successful cobranded card program. A leader in risk-based pricing and target marketing using predictive data analytics, she specializes in merchant services, credit cards and home equity. Kris has received Best Travel Card, Best Cobranded Card and Best Private-Label Program awards.
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David Johnson (DJ), Senior Vice President,
Emerging Commerce Products

DJ is the Product Division Lead over Loyalty, Prepaid, EBT – Government and Merchant Products.  DJ joined FIS in 2007 and has over 20 years of payment industry experience with roles in product development, strategy, consulting and business development.  Before FIS, DJ managed Online Banking and Bill Pay for a Top 15 US bank.

DJ earned his MBA from Emory University and a degree in Finance from the University of Florida.
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Dan Peacock,
Vice President of Product Strategy

Dan’s a member of FIS’s Payments Product Strategy team and focuses on developing the long-term strategy for U.S. retail payment products. His background spans 19 years in financial services leading co-brand credit card programs in the retail, travel and loyalty sectors, as well as issuer-branded consumer and business card programs.
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