Back to School with Frictionless Payments

Trevor Mast
Senior Vice President Financial Services Products
Posted on September 29, 2016

Detail of a hand holding a fuel pump at a station

Cloud-based mobile payments at the pump without the fuss

Mobile payments get a lot of press, but the reality is that retailers have been sporadic at best when rolling them out. With kids back in school and your mountain of after-school activities in full swing, wouldn’t it be nice to have a system that fully leveraged our mobile devices to make things like a trip to the gas station faster and more convenient? Something that makes fueling up – an inevitability during all those carpool trips and soccer practices – effortless and gets people home just that much sooner would be a welcome addition. Particularly, if it could save them some money as well.

A Soccer Mom/Dad Revolution at the Pump

The key is to leverage the smartphone in everyone’s pocket to offer frictionless mobile payments while bypassing the need for an expensive site system hardware upgrade. With new, mobile payment capabilities conducted through a smartphone app, gas stations could position themselves as truly forward-looking providers. The gas provider’s app could become a beacon for gas deals as well as customized promotions on food and beverage at the gas station convenience store.

Users could pull up to the local gas station with the best deal – guided by the app’s navigation – and select a gas pump number and payment option right on their phone’s app, before leaving the driver’s seat. When they’re done filling up, an incentive to pick up snacks inside the store could attract them to feed the hungry school kids waiting in the minivan. Just like the gas, it’s paid for right from a smartphone – no queuing and no receipt required.  Consumers save time and money with their app-enabled pump payment solution, while the gas station gets another happy and loyal customer.

The convenience and time saved are not the only advantages. The app on the customer’s smartphone can link to the gas provider’s loyalty system. Loyalty points can be easily logged and accumulated with each purchase and points could also be redeemed through the app in the shape of price reductions at the point of sale – all in real time. Who wouldn’t prefer immediate savings instead of redeeming points at some point in the future?

A Perfect Fit

With a secure and integrated mobile payment platform, merchants, consumers and service providers are brought together. For the fuel sector, a payment-enabled app on customers’ smartphones gives a single point of integration for the fragmented retail environment. Meanwhile, cloud-based app services provide a low-risk solution for deploying mobile payments at the pump and require no incremental hardware spend from the convenience store – a win-win.

Most importantly, customers can bask in a hassle-free shopping experience with little or no physical interaction at the point of sale. Empowered by the multi-function gas provider’s app, consumers enjoy a faster purchase experience and can benefit from a truly rewarding loyalty program that delivers genuine benefits when and where they want them.

The opportunity to delight with mobile payment services that truly complete a customer’s journey? Talk about a convenient store.

So will fuel providers roll-out conventional mobile payments through expensive site system hardware upgrades or through these new cloud-based mobile solutions?


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Trevor Mast
Senior Vice President Financial Services Products

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