Is Cardless Cash the Answer to Consumer’s Woes?

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Posted on February 25, 2016

Cardless Cash

Is Cardless Cash the Answer to Conusmer’s Woes?

Consumers are constantly becoming more accustomed to life in the Golden Age of Information. In the process, they’re developing new expectations about how their day-to-day affairs should unfold, and most can’t wait to try initiating ATM withdrawals and purchases with their smartphones.

This means a great many things, but the most obvious is that businesses have to change the way they accept payments. To keep up with your competitors, you’ll have to implement systems that don’t rely on cards and other outmoded technology to authenticate payers and complete transactions.

How Cardless Cash Functions

Enabled ATMs let account owners use their smart phones to authenticate themselves when they want to make a withdrawal. According to, more than 2,000 ATMs already employ a form of Cardless Cash developed by PayPal and its partner FIS, which has its sights on a total of 80,000 cash points in the United States alone.

Conveniently, ATMs don’t require additional hardware or technical upgrades to become compatible with secure cardless access standards. ATM owners have applied existing implementations via network software updates, which is highly promising for smaller operators.

How Cardless Payments Help Users

Proponents of cardless ATM access technology say it has a number of advantages over traditional plastic cards, which have been the standard for decades. For one, users don’t have to keep track of quite as many essentials, and smart devices aren’t vulnerable to skimmers.

When users manage their passwords and security settings properly, they don’t even have to worry as much about losing their devices. The fact that these solutions are software driven makes it possible to integrate them with biometrics, passwords and other existing smartphone security implementations.

Finally, cardless cash is mobile, and that’s not just because it works on mobile devices. Users can share one-time codes with family members who have the appropriate apps, effectively enabling them to let authorized individuals make cash withdrawals in emergencies. Such features are also certain to appeal to business owners whose employees routinely make purchases on their behalf.

What Cardless Cash Means for the Future

Insitutions that implement cardless withdrawal systems have a lot to gain. In addition to increasing their popularity by making consumer interaction more convenient, they’re likely to give their brand a refreshed image that says they’re not afraid to move forward.

Those entities that rely on integrated cardless cash and other payments technology may also dramatically improve their customer service offerings. For instance, the existence of computerized withdrawal records could make it easier to provide users with in-depth data about their transaction habits and increase the value of one’s services by promoting their money management capabilities.

Innovators should also capitalize on the opportunity for increased data collection to discover what kinds of apps, devices and software platforms their users prefer so that they can target them with refined digital content. Retailers and others who correlate purchase data with the use of on-site ATMs and similar facilities may even learn enough about consumer behaviors to be able to update their marketing strategies in real time.

Of course, not all cardless cash solutions are equivalent. Make sure you look for an experienced payment provider to integrate cardless tech into your ATM services. Are you ready to take the plunge?

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