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Posted on June 8, 2016

3-3-2016 3-01-35 PMFIS announces the first webinar in a sponsored series with Digital Transactions

Esther Pigg

“Making Sense of Faster Payments” is scheduled for June 14 at 1 PM EST and will feature our very own Esther Pigg, along with other industry leaders, as they break-down what faster payments means to the audience and why the US needs to speed up its payment systems.

From NACHA to the Fed to FIS to The Clearing House and a wide range of other organizations, various efforts have been mounted over the past few years to speed up clearing and settlement in the United States.  Some efforts have worked toward same-day payments, while others are aiming for so-called real-time transactions.  The variety of efforts can lead to confusion; this webinar is aimed at clearing the confusion with FIS providing thought leadership on this hot industry topic.

You can register via the following link below.  



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