The Year of Payments – 2015 – One Quarter In

Bruce Lowthers
FIS | Chief Operating Officer, IFS
Posted on April 13, 2015

Golden coins in a pile- Year of Payments 2015


Bruce Lowthers, FIS’ North American Retail Payments’ Executive VP, was featured on PYMNTS among other C-Suite players discussing what they think about the payments landscape in 2015. Check out what Bruce has to say about payments in the first quarter of the year:

How different are the first 3 months of 2015 from the first 3 months of 2014?
The main difference is the overall growing acceptance of innovation across the market. Since 2014 we have seen major engagement from our clients in the areas of EMV implementation strategies and payment Tokenization as a result of highly publicized breaches – consumers are more in tune about protection of their card data and intrigued by new mobile payments technologies. We have also seen more strategic focus from financial institutions regarding the digital channel and engaging in adoption based plans for those solutions to increase engagement and customer retention.
From the perspective of your business, what’s the most significant development of payment technology so far this year?
I don’t know that one single development has taken a front seat to any other in 2015. The pace of change certainly still seems to be the key factor that drives market chatter. That and the acquisitions and investments we have seen with key players financial and non-financial providers.
Based on what’s happened so far, if “Payments 2015” were a brand and had a tagline, what would it be and why?
For me, this is the year of necessary distraction and necessary action. The distractions are those things that have to be done to remain relevant (EMV, Tokenization, Digital) and the action is engagement in organic growth and innovation.


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Bruce Lowthers
FIS | Chief Operating Officer, IFS

Beginning his career as a certified public account, Bruce now serves as the Executive Vice President of FIS, the world’s No. 1 financial technology provider, and as the CEO of Global Retail Payments. His division is responsible for $2.6 billion in revenues and encompasses financial services, emerging commerce and retail services.